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I tried UNREAL candy #8 just this week and was pleasantly surprised at how yummy it was!

I would say it was just as good as having a Snickers. I felt that the differences I did notice were worth the lower sugar content.

The major difference I noticed between UNREAL #8 and a Snickers was the consistancy or the texture. A Snickers is generally creamer and stickier or at least softer. The #8 bar was firm and less messy in a healthy food sort of way.

The taste, however, was not lacking. It was delicious. It attacked my sweet craving for the day. I actually wanted another one the next day and was sad I didn't have one.

I got the UNREAL #8 for free from my local CVS with an EXTRACare coupon. I am, however, reviewing this for my BzzAgent Campaign that I was accepted into yesterday and hope to review the other candies available from UNREAL.

I did not know that they had candy coated chocolates and even chocolate covered peanuts too! And peanut butter cups?! That is what I will be trying next.

I must confess that I was a tiny bit confused or unable to make a quick decision on which candy to get because of their wrappers. At least the two candy bars were very under representative of what was inside.

To find out more about the UNREAL candies and their nutrient content visit their website.

Stay tuned for a follow up!

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