Review: Coby DP-102 10-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame with Built-In MP3 Player

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Purchase Summary
$99.99 (05/06/08) ($83.69 as of 09/08/11)

Purchased this as the "deal of the day" 20% off. I was going to get the Kodak 7" and now I really wish I did.

The Coby DP-102 DOES NOT have internal memory. Didn't figure that out until I opened the package, connected the USB to transfer pics to find out it doesn't work that way.

So, out I went to buy a SD card. Installed it to find out that the DP-102 wasn't reading it. Swapped the SD card out with one I had on hand, same thing. So, here I am returning it to Amazon and wanting the Kodak but I can't bring myself to do it since I will not get the 20% off.

Highly disappointed.

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